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Is there any difference from heating cables?

In spite of the fact that both cable and film systems effect the same function – room heating – there are some differences.

The cable system is not so effective in the locations with wooden floors. The manufacturers do not recommend to install cable heating under any wooden surface, parquet board, cork slabs. In this case the system serves rather as an additional “ air bag” stopping heat loss through the floor than a heating system.

The wood is a material of low thermal conductivity and is not heated up fast. To reach a desirable temperature you will need high power cables which heat up to a great extent. In case of wooden beam floor on account of low thermal conductivity of the air it is the cable which will be heated, not the floor. And this fact leads to damages. While using cable systems for the floors it is better to choose materials of high thermal conductivity – ceramic tile, marble, natural stone.

If the system is not mounted correctly serious problems may appear. “The weak point” of the cable floor is overheating, then follows its burning if the heat withdrawal from the surface is not enough. This means that cable systems are prohibited to use for the floors with no-legs furniture, carpets or synthetic coverings on it.

Film floors are compatible with any kind of coverings – laminate, synthetic coverings, linoleum, parquet, different ceramic tile. To heat wooden beam floors heat insulation should be laid under the floor, for example basalt fibre or expanded polystyrene. The covering itself should not be interfered with any other objects such as decorative parts of the floor, superstructures or plinth. Laying is effected 10-15 cm away from the walls.

For such coverings as laminate, natural wood, beech board it is very important that film warm floor provides comfort proportional heat. It is convenient to mount thermofilm for main or additional room heating in the suspended wooden or gypsum board ceilings.

Thus the cable and thermofilm systems are comfortable to use in the room, but while choosing one of the two systems you should take into account several features: floor covering and if there is the possibility to lift the floor at least 3 cm up ( necessary thickness for the cable), if the electric wiring power is sufficient, if the system will run at high power consuming rate and many other things.

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