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Under what kind of coverings can film floors be laid?

The history of warm floors starts from massive constructions consisting of pipe system and pumps which drive hot water through the pipes. Modern heating systems have become much safer, more compact and easier in maintenance. Nowadays there are two leaders in the warm floor market – cable system heating and Calorique thermofilm heating. Let’s consider both options in more details.

First warn floors heated by built in electro heating cables appeared in Europe in the beginning of 70-s, in the Russian market they have appeared relatively lately. For the latest years the heating principle has not changed a lot, only the materials have been modernized. The basis of the system is the screen or twin-core cable which is fed from the electricity supply and is heating the floor turning it into a big heat panel. At this the highest temperature in the room is formed not under the ceiling, but at the floor.

For already 25 years Calorique company has been the leading manufacturer of thermo film which heats rooms owing to radiant warm energy. The film is 0.3 mm thick and is laid under the floor covering, mounted on the ceiling or walls and heats proportionally the objects in the room without heating the air.

The cable and film systems are safely protected from corrosion and mechanical damages, almost not subjected to ignition, safe for life and people’s health. In every room you can keep individual temperature using different temperature modes. Both systems are mounted under the covering, so there is no need to use any additional heating systems in the room ( for example radiators which occupy a lot of place in the room and do not look aesthetical).

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