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Infrared radiation impact on health

On hearing about radiation people start pricking up their ears. We have got such strong stereotypes that radiation is dangerous, that there is the possibility to catch radiation sickness disease, that ultraviolet burns everything on its way. And we forget that for example medical X-ray is the same radiation and without soft ultraviolet our organism doesn’t accept some substances. On hearing about infrared radiation we start thinking why it is so prejudicial and how we can save us from it.

In fact even physics and biology school course will be quite enough to remember that infrared radiation is almost the same thing as usual light, the difference is that visible spectrum after falling on objects lightens them and infrared radiation – heats them. The biggest and most famous radiation source is the sun, the same heat comes from heated radiators or stoves, so we can conclude that infrared heat is closer to the nature than any other alternative one and is biologically perfect. It doesn’t have anything to do with hard ultraviolet or X-ray radiation. Hence, people can feel heat radiation and regulate its impact that is why it is not harmful for a human body.

To study the results of heat radiation impact on human organism scientists carried out a number of tests which in their turn have not revealed any harmful effects. Of course there should be some limits while using infrared radiation for heating, otherwise instead of turning it to your advantage you can do harm to yourself ( for example heat stroke or high pressure).

Using infrared Calorique heaters for rooms is much more comfortable than using traditional convective heaters. Radiators of central heating, oil and spiral heaters dry the air very much and the heating process is effected on the account of the hot air which in the end accumulates upwards, under the ceiling where it is useless. Hot air movement creates convective flows which conduce to dust, mould and microorganisms formation.

While using Calorique thermofilm the air is not moving which is much better for people who suffer from lung diseases, allergy asthma, who are sensitive to dust and other components of polluted air. At the same time film heaters are compatible with ventilation systems and you can air the room at any time you wish.

Calorique film warm floors create comfortable microclimate owing to the thermo sensors and do not overheat the room keeping the air natural moisture. At that proportional ceiling and walls heating prevents from mould and fungus formation on them.

While running infrared heaters not only give the heat but also ionize the air in the flat. This process is of a significant importance for people’s health. With lack of ionized air capacity for work and immunity are reducing, irritability appear and the risk of nervous breakdowns is increasing.

Health giving impact of infrared waves is successfully used in practice. The infrared radiation faculty for disinfecting the air is used in air cleaners. Maximum similarity of Calorique thermofilm radiation with human body radiation makes it irreplaceable in hospitals, especially in departments for prematurely born children. Thermofilm is widely used in infrared Russian baths, saunas, livestock and fowl farms, to heat “public” places - churches, libraries, schools, workshops.

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