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What is it – infrared heating?

High temperature and other infrared heaters.

Infrared ( warm) heating was discovered in 1800 and has been used intensively by the mankind since then. All the objects heated to a definite temperature start radiating energy in infrared spectra. Infrared heating diapason is divided into short, middle and long wave spheres. The higher the object temperature is the shorter is the wave length and the higher is its intensity.

This way an infrared heater can be conditionally considered any heated object radiating its heat into the atmosphere. Energy radiated by infrared heaters is absorbed by different surfaces – walls, furniture, people, which in their turn give heat to the air. The air itself is not heated, but serves as a heat conductor from the radiator to the heated surface. In the room heated owing to heat energy the average air temperature won’t be high and a person there will feel comfort heat. When one or several elements of the system are heated more than the others they give more radiant energy to less heated surfaces. This is the main operating principle of the heaters based on infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation ( long wave, warm wave, radiant) – is a relatively new type of room heaters. Infrared heaters are economical, easy to use and to install. Depending on the radiant surface temperature the heaters are divided into high temperature heaters ( more than 400 degrees), long wave heaters ( 11-220 degrees) and low temperature heaters ( 25-50 degrees).

High temperature infrared heaters are used in open space or in industrial premises with ceilings higher than 3.5 meters, where people are not permanently present. According to the classification their radiation falls into “hard” category and under its long term impact dries skin and mucous coats because it is “burning out” oxygen in the air.

Long wave heaters have got a radiating plate of a less temperature and the best wave length for a human body. They are perfect for offices, living quarters and also for locations with high humidity and aggressive environment. These heaters are resistant to mechanical damages, moisture and protected from ignition.

Low temperature infrared heaters have got a lot of modifications – Calorique thermofilm, halogenous and carboniferous heaters, ceiling cassettes etc. They are good for low ceiling rooms. Because of the heating surface low temperature they are used as an additional means of heating or several heaters are installed in one location. They are very convenient if you want to heat one part of the room, terrarium with exotic animals, incubators for newly born children etc. They are also successfully used in agriculture for incubators or hothouses heating.

The advantage of infrared heaters maintenance is that they are easy to assemble and to use, they don’t occupy much space and are equipped with effective heating devices. For example Calorique thermofilm which goes to low temperature heaters can be laid without technicians. It runs noiselessly, almost doesn’t occupy any place and on condition of correct assembling has got a long operating life. Infrared system heats rooms faster than usual convective heaters. Heating surface convey heat to the objects instantly. If you want to heat all the location take into account the total surface, size of the objects, materials, quantity of windows and doors which conduce to heat loss. Starting power point should be a little bit higher than the figure of heat loss, otherwise it will be difficult to reach the desirable location temperature. If you need partial or spot heating, there can be installed several devices of different power in accordance with the zones you want to heat.

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