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Calorique™ assembling under mirrors

Create with Calorique™ system mirror heating in the bathroom. Your mirror will never get misted even if you are taking a very hot shower!

  • Switch off power supply before assembling in accordance with the items of this instruction.
  • Don’t use mirrors with cardboard rear – it will significantly lower the system effectiveness.
  • Make sure that the mirror rear is clean and dry.

1. Prepare the heating element every dimension of which is 5 cm less than your mirror size.

2. Install contact clamps, connect them to the wires ( cross section not less than 2.5 mm2). Insulate the clamps and cut lines of the contact strip which is at the end of the thermo film using bitumen coating. Insulate electric wire connections with contact clamp using bitumen coating on both sides.

NOTE: The element provides perfect visibility, plus 5 cm over the level of the installation. That is why fix the element the way it is comfortable for your family members.

3. Fix the element to the wall using reinforced scotch (it is prohibited to use metalized scotch), sticking the transparent strip at the edges of the heating element.

4. Connect the heating element wire to the mirror lightning switch or to the light switch in the bathroom. The wiring should be effected in accordance with electrotechnical work standards in damp premises.

5. Fix the mirror to the wall making sure that it fits properly and that there is no clearance between its surface and rear. The mirror should cover completely the heating element, because it is one of the element of the heating mechanical protection.

6. Enjoy always clean mirrors!

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