Calorique proposes excellent solutions to any kind of tasks concerning heating inside the room.

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Calorique™ assembling under ceiling

Calorique™ Radiant Ceiling Heating (RCH) is an excellent heating system. Calorique™ heating system is installed above the ceiling and heat comes proportionally into the room, spreading over the furniture. The air will never be overheated. This system significantly saves electrical energy in comparison with other electric heating systems.

The main advantage of the Ceiling Heating system is that you can use 100% of the room space thus creating the main heating line.

Ceiling Heating organization is similar to wooden beam floor heating.

  • Avoid puncturing the floor. Mechanical damage of the heating panel elements can lead to electrical injury. It will also increase fire danger.
  • If there is need to replace a part of the ceiling due to water or other reasons, also replace damaged heating panels.
  • Avoid covering the ceiling under the heating panel with decorative beams, variable entrance angle lamps, decorative strips or other objects. It will keep heat radiation and further on may lead to overheat.
  • If there is need to install new elements on the ceiling, the heating element should be powered off to avoid possible overheat. To compensate switched off panels, new elements installation may be required.
  • Don’t use any additional refinishing ( such as gypsum border, plasterboard or sound-absorbing tiles) for the heated ceiling. It will keep heat radiation and further on may lead to overheat.
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