Calorique proposes excellent solutions to any kind of tasks concerning heating inside the room.

CalorIQue LLC (USA)

Distributor in Russia

Distributor in Ukraine

Distributor in Azerbaijan and Georgia

Installation manuals

Assembling instructions offer you the detailed description of Calorique system installation.

Required instruments and materials:

    • Calorique™ system set (heating film and assembling set for each strip);
    • heat controller with a sensor to measure the floor temperature;
    • scissors;
    • flat-nose pliers;
    • ohmmeter/multifunctional tester;
    • painters scotch tape;
    • electric wires; cross section not less than 2,5 mm²;
    • thermal-resistant polyethylen film; density not less than 140 g/m²;
    • Heat reflecting material 3 mm thick (expanded polyethylene with metalized lavsan covering)
    • Veneer film ( for parquet, synthetic coverings, linoleum)
    • Hypsofiber films (for tiles);
    • Stapler;
    • Furniture nails, screws.

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