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Common questions

What is it – a film warm floor?

The film – is the latest ultra new material in heating systems. Thermo film thickness is 0.4 mm. Film floor represents a radiant heating system on the basis of distant infrared rays and can be used both as the main and as the additional heating system in any type of premises: living quarters, offices, industrial project, malls, hospitals, schools. It can also be used for surface and subsurface structures: approach road heating, landing strip, parking lots, open stairways, sports ground. You can also heat any horizontal or vertical surfaces and not only flat ones, but also roofs, ceilings, interior objects. The film can be used for creating local heat sources of different surface and configuration.

What is the fundamental difference of the film floors?

Different heating approach. Infrared rays heat the objects – not the air, just what we can see in case of convective heating. This guarantees that there won’t be any draught, dust accumulation or heat retention downwards instead of having it under the ceiling.

What does the film warm floor set include?

  • Thermo film with electric wiring
  • Heat controller
  • Floor temperature sensor
  • Electrical wiring set
  • Insulation

What temperature is recommended for the floor and in the room for comfort mode heating?

Desirable temperature in the room and on the floor is set with the heat controller. 20-21⁰ is recommended for the floor and 24-26⁰ – in the room.

Will the consumption of energy change if using 220 W/m2 thermofilm instead of 150 W/m2?

No, it won’t. While using thermofilm of higher power the floor is heated more quickly, which is important for example for the bathroom or while driving out of the garage. But at the same time with a higher power thermofilm network load is also increasing which should be taken into account. You should also take into account the final covering of the floor: for wooden floors it is recommended 150 W/m2, for ceramic tile floor - 220 W/m2.

Can the assembling be carried out by a person without any special training?

This system assembling can be carried out by any person who has carefully read the instructions. But at the same time if you are not sure about your skills, it is always better to apply to a qualified technician. Film warm floor connection to the electric main must be carried out only by a qualified construction electrician.

Film warm floor field of use:

  • Comfort heating of living quarters, flats and houses – is the main intended use of film warm floors. Its usage as a comfort heating system has many advantages over traditional cable floor. The main item – is compatibility with any kind of floor coverings ( including parquet, laminate, synthetic coverings, tile). The assembling process is surprisingly easy and you won’t have any vertical space loss.
  • The main heating system. It is recommended to use film warm floors as the main heating source in the next cases: in the places where there is no stationary gas heating, all time long during off-season time, with radiators turned off, in warmer climatic regions of the Russian Federation.
  • Temporary (portable, emergency) heating of vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces. With film warm floor you can heat not only the floor! Thermofilm can be used for ceilings and walls of your room. You have got the opportunity to heat only a part of your premises and keep another set in case of emergency or temporary main heating system shutdown. Film infrared warm floor is portable, so it can be replaces in many different situations. For example it can be put under the carpet, under a mirror in the bathroom (prevention from getting misted) or used to heat your pet’s place. There are thermopictures and thermopanels. Such constructions assembling will take several minutes.
  • Comfort heating of public buildings and constructions, industrial objects. Film infrared floor – is an ideal way to heat hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, sports buildings and all other places where there is need of “healthy warmth”.
  • Agricultural objects heating. We recommend to install film heating system in different agricultural objects first of all for cattle breeding and hothouse marketing. It can also be used for lawns, hotbeds and winter gardens heating. Excellent results have been obtained while heating stock breeding complexes ( hog farms, fowl-farms).

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