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Film warm floor advantages

What is the safety of thermofilm warm floor based on?

First of all the thermofilm segments connection is parallel, so if one of the segments falls out, all the rest keep working. Secondly every segment in its turn consists of many strips connected in parallel. That is why in case of mechanical damage the warm floor system keeps working (apart from those damaged segments and strips).

What are the advantages of the film warm floor if over the most spread floor heating systems so far in the market – cable and water ones?

  • Universality. In fact it is the most universal floor heating system easily compatible with any kind of floor coverings ( including parquet, laminate, synthetic coverings, tile, parquet board and linoleum). Owing to the fact that conductor strips are situated very close to one another ( from 3 mm up to 13 mm) and impossibility of overheat ( heat temperature of the strips can’t exceed 45 degrees) the system turns out to be the most favorable for wooden and laminate floor coverings.
  • Flexibility. With film warm floor you can heat not only the floor, but also any vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces. Thermofilm can be used for ceilings and walls of your room.
  • Mobility. If you wish you can use the portable warm floor set to heat mirrors, carpets, pictures, your pet’s place and also as a means of emergency heating in case of emergency or temporary main heating system shutdown.
  • Resistance to mechanical damages. In case of mechanical damage only a strip or a section of the floor falls out ( the connection is parallel). The film is not subjected to corrosion or destruction for a long-term period (polyethylene destruction period exceeds lifetime of most buildings).

Film floor advantages of cable mat.

  • Infrared radiation presence
  • Parallel connection. In case of damage only one part of the floor falls out which is contrary to sequencing circuit of a cable mat where in case of damage all the floor falls out.
  • Is not subjected to corrosion even in case of insignificant part damage. Undamaged parts keep working
  • No temperature drops ( warm downwards, cold upwards), the system heats proportionally all the room – there is such an opportunity to install the system for the walls, ceilings, interior objects.

An important advantage of the film warm floor.

Infrared heating is the only way to heat partially a working place or some definite space in the room. Using infrared heating system you will have the opportunity to keep different temperature modes in different parts of the room and to switch off completely other equipment in separate zones. For example if working places are situated in a significant distance from one another the room on the whole shouldn’t be necessarily of one temperature. Even as a comfort matter different working situations suppose different temperatures. Point contact heating is achieved by placing the equipment above separate working places without heating all the room.

Why is it the film warm floor which brings “positive” heat which is opposed to neutral heat of other warm floor types?

Because all heated objects more or less radiate infrared rays. And a human organism is not an exception – it radiates infrared rays within the limits from 6 up to 20 μm, the radiation peak is 9.6 μm. That is why any outer radiation with such wave lengths is perceived by our organism as its own and absorbs it intensively. It penetrates deeply into the organism which leads to its maximum heating. It is exactly the feature which the effect of heat treatment is based on, it is widely used in physiotherapeutic rooms in our country and abroad. The same effect of heat rays penetrating turns out to be the basis for infrared saunas ( cabins) , where intensive thermo energy penetrates into the body with the minimum impact on the environmental air temperature in the cabin. The body is sweating extensively in comparatively soft atmosphere conditions - 4-60 degrees. As a consequence of deep heating sweat consists of about 80% of water and 20% of solid matters such as fat, toxins, acids, slags an so on. ( to compare: in a standard sauna sweat consists of 95% of water and 5% of hard matters). At that the quantity of exuding sweat at infrared impact is two-three times more than in standard conditions at temperature 110 °C. The natural process of body perspiration at comfortable temperature guarantees perfect skin care, its cleaning and anti-aging effect. Besides body temperature rises up to 38.5 °C, imitating the natural body reaction against infection, so at the same time pathogenic bacteria and viruses impact is reducing. In such a way everything stated above can be implemented with the thermofilm which heat effect composes 90,4% of distant infrared radiation.

In what cases does the use of thermofilm turn out to be more optimal in comparison with the closest analogue of film warm floors – electric cable thermo mats?

First and foremost for low ceiling rooms. For most coverings effective height loss (heat insulation plus thermofilm) won’t be more than 0.5 mm.

Secondly when you want to install warm floor under already existent floor covering ( in this case there is no analogue because this system doesn’t need any interference into the floor structure) or in the course of cosmetic repair or on an old underlayment. In other words when “wet” work with the floor is impossible or is not recommended.

Thirdly when you want to lay warm floor as soon as possible. Film warm floor is laid in most rooms within an hour or two. You can start using it just after installing it.

The fourth in many “special” cases. For example when you want to winterize the wall, non-standard interior objects and also any separate object in the room. It is recommended to use film warm floor in all the places where there is need of safe (neutral) and healthy ( positive) heating. For example in kindergartens and bedrooms.

Is it more economical than other types of warm floors?

Radiant heat creates such a feeling that the environmental temperature is a little bit higher (3—4°) than it is. This lets a person feel comfortable at a lower temperature. Let’s remind you that one degree temperature reduction gives 5% of power supply! Besides heat energy coming from infrared radiators is not absorbed by the air, that is why all heat from the equipment reaches people and objects within its area of coverage. The system provides people with comfort heat and doesn’t heat up the air. At this warm air is not accumulated under the ceiling which makes this equipment irreplaceable and very advantageous from the economical point of view if you are facing the task to heat the room with high ceilings. Using infrared heating provides up to 40% of power saving.

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