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Ground and pathways heating

Clear-Walk Snow Melting mats – Ground and pathways heating – Effective and comfortable way of snow and ice-slick control.

Calorique antifreezing mats is a highly effective means of snow and ice-slick control near your house or working place. Clear-Walk mat is a completely portable heater-mat which can be laid upon stairs, borders, walk-ways, porches, loading bays, sidewalks and many other surfaces to provide safe movement on foot, on a wheelchair or in a car.

Say no to manual cleanup, drying fans and chemicals!

Clear-Walk antifreezing mat is a perfect alternative to traditional ways of snow control such as mechanical cleaning with a shovel, chemical discharge or heating with built in systems. The distinctive feature of Clear-Walk system is that it doesn’t need physical power to clean the snow, it protects the surface against chemical damage and continuously melts the snow so as to prevent ice formation and keep the surface clean and safe.

Verified and safe!
Even half meter snow level can’t prevent this unique technology from running!
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Clear-Walk mats can melt five cm snow level within one hour.

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