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Snow & Ice Melting


Ice and snow is the reason why a lot of companies have to spend millions of dollars with the ascending number of insurance accidents and traumatism!
Salt which destroys synthetic coverings, tiles and floors comes even at a higher cost.
Just imagine that your steps, sidewalks, pathways and walk-ways can always stay clean. There will be neither ice nor snow without any special treatment. You can achieve this with no cleaning, special drying fans or polluting the atmosphere with prejudicial chemicals.

Calorique cleans snow and ice without any special treatment.
When there is snow there are three problems: snow cleaning, ice fighting and over again exhausting cleaning during snowstorms. Calorique™ system cleans snow all the time even during the most long term snowstorm, heating up problem zones and preventing ice formation. Melting snow just flows into the nearest drain many of which are situated along the roads and sidewalks and then goes into the canalization.

Whatever you may need Calorique™ is ready to propose the right solution. Choose one of the options on the left and you will find out how Calorique™ system can clean snow and ice away from your house or office and at the same time it will turn out much more advantageous than you can imagine.

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