Calorique™ proposes excellent solutions to any kind of tasks concerning heating inside the room.

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Tile flooring heating


Calorique™ is the unique heating system which can be used for tile flooring warming.

устройство теплого пола Calorique (Келорик)

Floor construction

  • Aligned draft floor without any sharp objects (nails, screws etc)
  • Steam and water isolating layer (thermostable polyethylene film )
  • Heat reflecting material 3 mm thick (expanded polyethylene with metalized lavsan covering)
  • Calorique™ heating element
  • Steam and water isolating layer ( polyethylene film )
  • Veneer film or hypsofiber aligned for the final covering
  • Tile glue, tile


Tile paving on the heated elements is prohibited. In course of time it will lead to heating elements damage.

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