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Wooden beam floor heating


Calorique™ Warm Floors System is the unique heating system which is installed under the floor between its beams. It serves as the main or additional heating system. Being absolutely invisible Warm Floors System heating panels heat the floors up to 30°C for you to enjoy unchallenged comfort.

Planning, assembling and maintenance of the system are extremely easy: after planning, cut the heating film in required length pieces, fix them with a stapler to the beam. To finish the work connect the electricity.

Calorique™ Warm Floors System consists of four main components: heating elements, wiring, thermostat and assembling equipment. These components work all together to create a comfort and safe heating system. Careful choice and installation of all the components provide you with safety and long-term usage of the product.

Calorique™ Warm Floors System planning is effected rather easily. In the course of planning you should follow the instruction items which will guarantee safe system performance and compliance with warranty agreement on behalf of the manufacturer

While planning the heating systems accommodation it is very important to pay attention to the walls and separating walls. You should install the wiring taking into account these and other permanent elements of the system.

Permanent decorative elements – Calorique heating elements should be situated the way that they are not lapped over one another, even partially. Nothing should interfere, neither permanent walls nor other bulkheads which lean against the floor. Otherwise heating panels can get overheated.

Wiring – electric circuit wiring should be at the minimum distance of 50 mm away from the heating panels and should be separated by thermal insulation material filling this gap. The gap can be horizontal, in parallel with the edge of the beam.

Floor-standing decorative elements – don’t install Calorique™ heating panels closer than 200 mm away from the edges of the connection boxes which are full of decorative elements, because wiring can go far beyond the connection box.

Floor-mounted decorative elements – there should be the minimum distance of 50 mm between built in elements, sockets and heating panels.

Heat source - there should be the minimum distance of 200 mm between Calorique™ heating panelsand the source of heat. It also enlarges upon hot water-supply line. If it is not possible, use pipe insulation.

Pipes – Between pipes ( plastic and metallic ones) and Calorique™ heating panels there should be kept the minimum distance of 50 mm. It also enlarges upon hot water-supply line. If it is not possible use pipe insulation.

Beam interspace - At the end of the interspace between the beams there should be kept the minimum distance of 150 mm for wiring or other objects.


  • Avoid puncturing the floor. Mechanical damage of the heating panel elements can lead to electrical injury. It will also increase fire danger.
  • If there is need to replace a part of the floor, first examine carefully the heating elements. They shouldn’t be damaged.
  • There should never be any permanent sculptures or walls. It will keep heat radiation and further on may lead to overheat.
  • If there is need to install new elements on the floor or replace the walls, the heating element should be powered off to avoid possible overheat.

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