Calorique™ proposes excellent solutions to any kind of tasks concerning heating inside the room.

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Calorique™ is the unique heating system which can be used for laminated floorings, ceramic-tile floorings, linoleum, parquet board, parquet or synthetic floor coverings. It can also be used as the main or additional heating for wooden or gypsum board suspended ceilings, for wooden beam floors and mirrors.

Calorique™ system includes film heating panel sets of low temperature, which are used to cover open floor and ceiling space to create optimal temperature range.

Film heating system operating principle

Calorique™ systemfunctions like the sun. Heating elements over the ceiling or under the floor radiate infrared heat, the same kind of grateful warmth which you feel on a fresh spring day. The air remains fresh while infrared heat coming from the sun keeps warming you up.

Coming through the room infrared radiation beams heat proportionally the objects leaving the air fresh. There is no need to overheat the air because it is less effective for the room heating. This heating method is opposed to those traditional ones which are based on heating up the air or using batteries. The main difference is that in accordance with traditional systems air mass is heated up, but objects ( such as outer walls) remain relatively cold. Cold objects “deprive” people of grateful warmth and make them feel chilly.

Film heating system advantages

Easy installation

The installation of such a system is extremely easy, it doesn’t take much time and there is no need of special service. As film heating doesn’t need any levelcrete, it is the best solution during repair work when there is no more opportunity to make it.

You can easily install film heating system and proceed to immediate grateful heat usage.

Multipurpose application

Film heating system is compatible with all kinds of floor coverings – laminate, linoleum, synthetic coverings, parquet, parquet boards, ceramic tiles. Using film heating system you always have the opportunity to create comfortable “warm floor” in any place of your house, under any covering. Film heating system usage is limited only by your imagination, you can create “warm ceiling”, heat up mirrors in your bathroom, make with your hands a nice warm rug beside the bed, heat up your pet’s place.


Film heating system is not subjected to corrosion and in case of mechanical damage there exists the opportunity to substitute a part of it ( a damaged element or a damaged floor section).

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