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Tanks heating

Industrial heating. Temperature control. Low consuming power heating.

Thermal Shield™ tanks heating system 

Thermal Shield tanks heating system offers the most appropriate solution and the most optimal way to keep liquid working temperature in a 200 litre tank or to prevent it from freezing.

Thermal Shield runs at low consuming power ( 240 W) . The light firm insulating coating is perfect for use both outside and inside premises.

Calorique construction has been used for 15 years in the conditions of north winters. It can keep tank contents temperature 40°C warmer than the temperature of the environment (delta).

Being fitted with integrated heat-insulating layer and a solid outward vinyl cover Thermal Shield directs almost all the energy inside the tank. There is practically no heat loss into the atmosphere. This feature differs Thermal heating system from other ones.

Thermal Shield is fitted with the heating surface which is almost equal to the one of the tank. It gives much more heat than can be received using “belt” heater. Less working surface gives lower working temperatures which cannot heat up the liquid sufficiently.

As the heating surface is accommodated directly on the heater, our tanks heater reduces electrical power consumption performing tank heat-insulation. The surface is also fitted with a special enforced part above the tank opening which can be cut off to get an easy access to the contents, if it is necessary during the heating process.

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