Calorique proposes excellent solutions to any kind of tasks concerning heating inside the room.

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CalorIQue LLC – is the leader of warm floor systems and infrared heating in the American market.

Russian popular wisdom says: “Keep your feet warm, your stomach hungry, your head cold”. And we know ourselves how uncomfortable it is to feel our feet cold. There are many people who think that floor heating is somewhat complicated, but in comparison with warm floors of the 20-th century( when they were using hot water pipes and pump system) modern technologies have made a significant step forward: heating elements have become compact, flexible and what is the most important fact safe and not expensive. With rising demand for warm floor there have appeared a lot of manufacturers, but their production barely differs one from another. Warm floor market has divided into several main specializations: floors with water heating, cable heating, warm mats, thermofilm etc.

Warm floors of different construction are produced in Japan, Sweden, Belgium, France, but the leadership in manufacturing and using of the film floor technology belongs to the USA.

Calorique specializes in manufacturing flexible heating elements and a completely different type of heating thermofilm, which heats premises owing to infrared radiation. Calorique has already been for 28 years in the market with its production which is in great demand all over the world. The headquarters of the company is situated in Massachusetts ( the USA). Owing to a widely spread distributing net and partnership the company is very successful in the international market. The company has been in the European market for already 8 years, in Russia for already a year and is presenting its offer through the official distributor LLC Spetsmontazh 71.

Calorique clients are the leading manufacturers and engineering companies DEVI (Denmark), GRUPO CECA (Spain), Heattrak (the USA) and others.

Calorique company clients not only receive ordered production on time, but also enjoy technician service such as film warm floor installation and maintenance.

Years have been spent on elaborating flexible thin film (Calorique™ thermofilm thickness is 0.3 mm), but now this production has passed international quality and sanitary standards, in particular in Russia.

Industrial premises are under perfect quality control systems and this fact almost excludes malfunction possibility.

Calorique presents the unique offer to its clients creating prototypes of the elements. In other words creating an exact working heating system model (undersized). It will give you the opportunity to understand better how the film will be running in definite conditions, correct its functioning beforehand if necessary and analyze heating effectiveness. The installation is so easy that a person without any special preparation can mount the warm floor system.

Film floor have got such features that let them to be used for rooms, porches, roofs, pathways heating and at the same time this system keeps the comfort moisture balance in the premises and disinfect the air. The manufacturer proposes a lot of offers of how and where to install thermofilm in the flat. It can be mounted not only under the floor, but also under the ceiling, mirrors in the bathroom ( which prevents them from getting misted), under a part of the floor (which will let you create a cosy place with additional heating). Thermo sensor and heat controller keep comfort temperature in the room, which gives you the opportunity to place the film even rather close to thermo sensitive objects ( wooden floors, parquet board, laminate).

As well as other manufacturers Calorique carries out researches directed at modernizing warm floor technologies. They become easier to use, to install, to maintain and also safer. There appear more and more areas of usage in everyday life.

If you have any questions on purchasing, installation or maintenance we recommend you to become familiar with the articles on our web site or address directly our specialists.

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